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Unique Artwork - Box of Skips Crisps signed by Gavin Turk

Transubstatiation by Gavin Turk

  • Skip Gallery have teamed up with one of the renowned Young British Artists, Gavin Turk. Normally found at Damien Hirst's, Newport Street Gallery, Turk's work here is resigned to the lowly lows of a skip. Through his staple themes of authenticity and authorship, he has created this one of a kind box of skips crisps showcasing the tongue-in-cheek nature the Skip Gallery envokes.


    Turk's piece, Transubstantiation, provides a humorous commentary on consumerism. Through his classical style, this work allows us to question the very nature of a skip as a place to dispose of rubbish and our relationship to what we throw away.

  • VAT at 20% will be added to this sale as well as the postage. 


    If you're usiing a credit or debit card, once the sale has gone through you will see an Error 404 message. Please ignore this as the sale will have gone through. We are trying to get it sorted as soon as possible.

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