2021 - SKIP Gallery X The Factory Project: SKIP Gallery X Maja Djordjevic, Michael Johansson, Paul Kindersley, Darvish Fakhr, Xu Yang, Sarah Maple, David Shrigley, Baker and Borowski, Hayden Kays, Ally Rosenberg, Holly & Faith, Esther Gamsu, Gary Mansfield, Dion Kitson and Lucy Gregory. The Factory Project, London 

2021 - BUMs: SKIP Gallery X Aggtelek, Sports Banger, Jeremy Deller, Flying Leaps, Maja Djordjevic, Paul Kindersley, Dion Kitson, MC Llamas, Sarah Maple, Elizabeth Prentis, Ally Rosenberg, Sol Golden Sato, Stuart Semple, David Shrigley, Max Siedentopf and Xu Yang. Dio Horia Gallery, Mykanos

2021 - The World As We Know It: SKIP Gallery X Sarah Maple, part of Stuart Semples inaugral CRASH show. Giant, Bournmouth 

2020 - Tipping Point: SKIP Gallery X Hayden Kays. Margate Train Station, Margate

2019 - Look at This, Arts Building: SKIP Gallery X David Shrigley, Gavin Turk, Sarah Maple, Richard Woods, Paul Kindersley, Maja Djordjevic, Baker & Borowski. Arts Building, London

2019 - Have I Got Mud  On My Trainers: SKIP Gallery retrospective. Zembla Gallery, Hawick, Scotland

2019 - Like It Or Lump It: SKIP Gallery X Maja Djordjevic & Paul Kindersley. Selfridges, London

2019 - Fitting Room Residency: X Claire Pearce. Selfridges, London

2018 - Upgrade: SKIP Gallery X Richard Woods, Hoxton Square, London

2018 - Transubstantiation: SKIP Gallery X Gavin Turk, Hoxton Square, London

2017 - Jurassic Skip: Arnolfini, Bristol

2017 - Kit Launch: SKIP Gallery X A.S Velasca F.C, Milan, Italy 

2017 - Artnight: SKIP Gallery X Ben Eine & Jake Spicer, Sir John Cass Foundation, Whitechapel, London

2017 - Na, I Don’t Want None Of That Again: SKIP Gallery X Baker & Borowski, Hoxton Square, London

2016 - You Get What You’re Given: Baker & Borowski, Hoxton Arches, London