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SKIP Gallery is an ongoing collaborative artwork, created by artistic duo Baker & Borowski. Their idea is to offer opportunities for artistic interventions in unexpected places, utilising a specially modified skip.


Skips are part of our everyday lives, providing the means with which we voraciously dismantle and renew our urban environment. They are so prevalent that we barely notice them. They represent that which we want to jettison, to forget, and so there is a profound irony in the creation of artistic works, housed in a skip.

Creatives are asked to produce site-specific pieces. The space acts as a disruptive environment to inspire discourse. It is a new type of mobile art space, presenting an alternative to the conventional routes to art, for both artists and viewers.

Our intention is for SKIP Gallery to develop and grow as a democratic platform for all the arts, and the modular nature of the skip means that projects are not confined by the usual limitations of a conventional creative platform.

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